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Eternal Blossoms

Eternal Blossoms

I painted this in memory of the students and teacher from Columbine High School. This was meant to be a comforting painting, to maybe bring some peace to all who lost a loved one and for those who felt the sadness and pain after this incident. So many things about this painting are symbolic. It is painted round because I believe that there is no beginning and no end. The soul lives on forever. Those who were left behind will be with their loved ones again. The setting itself is in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

It is just after a ferocious thunder storm and the raindrops are still on the flowers. The beautiful Colorado Columbine blossoms are in different stages of opening representing the children who were lost. The clouds have parted and the light rays are coming from the eye of the infinite spirit. Then you see the eagle in the clouds. The native people believe that the eagle takes our souls to the other side. If you look a little deeper you will see the bear. He traditionally stands for hibernation, spending time alone and looking within ourselves for the answers that are there. Next to him is the buffalo representing abundance of all good things.

This was a very disturbing event. It hurt so many people in so many ways. But despite all the suffering, this tragedy brought so many people together to help and comfort each other. I pray that it doesn't take these kind of events to wake us up, and that we can live every day like it's going to be our last - - treating our loved ones and everyone we meet, with love, respect and kindness.

These beautiful children are gone from this reality but they will never by forgotten . . .


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Each image comes hand signed by Lori and double matted.
The size represents the total matting size, thus making the image one size smaller. That means, the 16X20 Matted has an 11X14 image. 11 X 14's and 16 X 20's come with an inlaid brass nameplate.

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